Using the Express Uploader

Superfund Wholesale is now Intello.

Please find the updated version of this article in the new Intello Help Centre here:


The Express Uploader is a quick and easy way to securely upload documents to Superfund Wholesale.

To access the uploader, click on the  icon on the top right hand side of your Portal home screen.

The following short video demonstrates how to use the Express Uploader:

It is important to note that certain Document Types trigger automatic notifications to the relevant Superfund Wholesale team member:

  • Establishment Documents & Trust Deeds > documents will be reviewed to ensure all signed correctly
  • Signed Financial Statements >  will be uploaded to our independent auditor and also trigger the lodgement of the SMSF annual return when the audit report is issued (normally within 48 hours of submitted the signed accounts to us)

What Document Type do I select?

The following help centre article provides a quick reference to ensure your documents are uploaded into the correct place: Document Type Quick Reference

 When the document(s) have successfully uploaded, you will see the following message:

Other key information:

  • You can upload multiple documents at once - however they all need to be the same document type
  • Depending on the size of the files and your internet connection, it may take some time to upload the documents
  • It may take a few minutes before the documents you upload are visible in our document management system (Box) which is visible via our Portal under Clients > *Client Name* > Documents
  • Some document types DO NOT require you to select a financial year - they typically are permanent documents such as trust deeds, service agreements, minutes and other correspondence.
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