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The following table is a quick reference guide to assist you selecting the most appropriate Document Type when you upload via the Express Uploader via our Adviser Portal.

Important.png IMPORTANT: Before uploading via the Express Uploader, please ensure there is not an open task relating to the document you are uploading.  This will avoid tasks remaining open for your action where you've already provided the requested document(s).


Document Type

Example Documents

Corresponding Box Folder

Establishment Documents & Trust Deeds

SMSF trust deed

Deed of amendments

Investment strategy

ATO trustee declarations

Member applications

Binding death benefit nominations

Pension establishment minutes

Bare trust deeds

Trustee company documentation (ASIC statements / forms, company minutes, constitutions, solvency declarations, certificate of incorporation).

Your SMSF > Permanent Register

ATO Correspondence

Letter and statements from the ATO

Your SMSF > Correspondence

Data Feed Authorities

Data feed authority forms

Your SMSF > Permanent Register

Service Agreements

Service agreements + direct debit authority forms

Your SMSF > Permanent Register

Trustee Minutes

Trustee minutes (excluding the annual trustee minute which forms part of the annual SMSF accounts)

Your SMSF > Permanent Register > Signed Financials Minutes Declarations

Signed Financial Statements

Only to be used for the completed and signed annual financial statements.

Uploading this type of document will trigger a special notification to the SFW team to provide the signed accounts to our independent auditors and subsequently lodge the SMSF annual return to the ATO. 

Your SMSF > Permanent Register > Signed Financials Minutes Declarations




The following document types relate to a specific financial year, meaning you'll need to select 2016, 2017, 2018 etc.

Document Type Example Documents

Corresponding Box Folder

Client Name > Job Name >

Bank Statements

Bank statements

Term deposit notices

C. Cash and Cash Equivalents

Investment Statements

Annual portfolio reports

Holding statements and confirmations 

Property valuations

D. Investments

Investment Income & Tax Statements

Annual tax statements

Dividend and distribution statements

Rental property statements

E. Investment and Other Revenue

Rollover Statements

Rollover / ETP statements from APRA regulated super funds

F. Contributions and Rollovers In

Contribution Information

Contribution remittances

In-specie contribution information

Any information relating to concessional or non-concessional contributions

F. Contributions and Rollovers In


Invoices for fees (accounting, audit, advice)

Life/TPD insurance premium notices

Rental property expenses (rates, body corporate, insurance, repairs & maintenance)


G. Expenses

Pensions and Lump Sums Paid

Information or statements relating to withdrawals from the SMSF 

H. Benefits Paid and Rollovers Out

Loans and Liabilities

Loan statements for limited recourse borrowings

Documents relating to monies owed by the SMSF

J. Liabilities

If you are unsure of where to upload a document to, please chose the closest (most similar) item from the list above.


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