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You can find details of our fees for both our ongoing SMSF administration fees and our fees for the establishment of new entities on our website here:

Superfund Wholesale - Fees

Superfund Wholesale - Fees for Establishments of new SMSFs

Basically we have two fee categories - 'Adviser Friendly' and 'Property Funds'.

The standard fee (Adviser Friendly) is $120 per fund per month which is $1440 per annum.


  • Ongoing administration (i.e. bookkeeping of SMSF to keep everything up to date)
  • Preparing the annual SMSF accounts
  • Preparing and lodging the SMSF annual tax return
  • The audit of the SMSF conducted by our independent audit partners
  • All necessary minutes and documentation relating to the accounts
  • Preparation and lodgement of any activity statements (BAS) with the ATO where needed
  • Pension management documentation - i.e. starting + stopping pensions (including transition to retirement pensions)
  • Access to technical and strategy support from our experienced team of qualified SMSF specialist accountants + advisers 
  • Virtual registered office service with ASIC for trustee companies of SMSs

Basically the ONLY thing we don't include in our $120/m fee is the cost of an actuarial certificate when needed which is $165 for an account based pension or $495 for a defined benefit pension.

If your clients SMSF has property (commercial or residential) we charge $150/m which is $1800 per annum.

Importantly we DO NOT charge based on silly things like:

  • The number of investments
  • The number of transactions
  • Whether a data feed is available or not (that's our problem!)
  • The time spent on completing the work

Our goal is to provide you and your clients with certainty around what they will pay when it comes to their SMSF compliance.

We reserve the right to quote a higher fee in certain situations where the scope of the work required significantly exceeds a standard SMSF. In these cases, we will quote up front. We note this is very rare as we like keeping things simple – for you, us, and your clients.

How are is 'very rare'?

We've only had to quote an extra fee for one SMSF in the last three years and we look after more than 1200 SMSFs - so it's definitely extremely rare!


FAQs on our Fees:

We have a section on our website here around some common questions on our fees

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