Who pays the fees?

Superfund Wholesale is now Intello.

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There are two options for the payment of our administration fees:

  1. Adviser in bulk
  2. Client direct

Our preference is for us to invoice you as the adviser in bulk for all your clients, and then have you on-charge our services to your clients. 

We provide template service agreements that define the relationship between ourselves and the administrators (accountants and tax agents) you as the adviser and your clients.  

This prevents any confusion on who is performing what services (i.e. clients will be informed that Superfund Wholesale is acting as the tax agent and accountant for their SMSF).

This billing structure enables you to design the service offering to fit your clients and also to add an appropriate margin to compensate you for your time as an intermediary.  Currently approximately 50% of the advice businesses we work with add a margin on top of our fees.


An alternate arrangement that we can implement is a direct billing arrangement between Superfund Wholesale and your clients.  Although we will invoice and direct debit your clients, all correspondence will still go via you as the adviser.

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