Checklist of information required to transfer an SMSF to Superfund Wholesale

Superfund Wholesale is now Intello.

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The following information is required to transfer an SMSF to Superfund Wholesale:

  1. Name of SMSF
  2. ABN and TFN
  3. Trustee company details - name, ACN
  4. Details of all investments including: bank details, broker account numbers and HINs, Wrap / portfolio account details etc
  5. Details of the current / previous accountant or SMSF administrator
  6. Copies of the last financial years signed SMSF annual return, financial statements and member accounts, audit report and audit management letter
  7. Detailed investment breakdown as at 30 June and also the CGT cost base information (i.e. unrealised CGT report)
  8. Permanent records including: SMSF trust deed, ATO trustee declarations, member applications, trustee consents and declarations etc

The more information you provide as part of the transition, the easier and quicker it will be.  

You can download a simple SMSF Transfer form below to assist you or your team in collecting the information we need:

SMSF Transfer Form - PDF

In most cases, we will also contact the previous accountant or SMSF administrator and they will be able to provide the permanents records of the SMSF as well as the accounts data which we can load into our system.

We can easily transfer SMSF accounting data (including cost base histories) from the following types of software:

  • BGL Simple Fund (v11 or later)
  • BGL 360
  • Desktop Super
  • Supermate
  • Supervisor II / MYOB Superfund

Where it is not possible to obtain client data, we will manually load the clients SMSF accounting information and history into Class Super.

If you have access to CGT cost base information for the clients investment portfolio that can be downloaded in excel / csv format, this is very helpful and will speed up the transition process.

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