Common questions on client data security and controls

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The following are some common questions about client accounting data and information that is contained with in the Class Super application (client and adviser access via FundWeb interface).

Is my data safe?

Our servers are located in a highly secure data centre run by reputable top-tier hosting providers. Data is backed-up to a secondary, interstate site on a continuous basis – even in the event of a major disaster your data is safe.

Can anyone else access my data?
A robust authentication and authorisation regimen rigidly restricts access to authorised persons only. IT controls and regular external “penetration” testing ensure the security measures are working in practice, not just in theory.

Who controls the data?
The data is controlled entirely by us – no data is stored overseas. Even physical access is controlled – Class’ servers are located in a locked cage within the secured hosting site, which itself has biometric access controls and constant surveillance.

Who owns the data?
Licensees own their data – they can export it at any time and we will only provide it to the clients’ authorised users.

Is my data backed up?
Data is instantly backed-up at the hosting site and shipped within 15 minutes to our interstate Disaster Recovery site. Clients can export their own copies of the data at any time.


If you have any any questions regarding data security, please contact us.

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