Obtaining Macquarie ESI Details / Keys

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If you utilise Macquarie Cash Management Accounts for your clients, you can provide Superfund Wholesale with the ESI Keys details to enable us to pull through transaction data for Macquarie CMAs where you are the administrator and you have provided us with the account numbers.

Please note: If you already have a data feed active using Macquarie ESI keys in another financial planning software (Coin, Xplan etc) and you follow the instructions below, you will also need to update the ESI keys in those programs also.  

Alternatively you can provide the ESI keys that are already saved in those programs to us.

If you do not wish to provide the ESI keys, then you will be required to have each and every client sign a separate authority form.

Macquarie Cash ESI Keys Generation


This page shows advisers how to generate their ESI keys on the Macquarie website.  

There is a separate process for setting up Macquarie WRAP ESI Keys


Step 1 - Log on to your.clients at: https://advisers.macquarie.com.au/advisers/advisers_home.htm 

Select "Your Clients"

Step 2 - The Welcome Page will appear. Click Data Feeds on the left hand side menu. 

Step 3 - The Reporting home page will appear. Click esi on the left hand menu.

Step 4 - The esi home page will appear. Click Request new esi authentication details.

Step 5 - Enter your Access Code and Password and click the Authorise link at the bottom of the screen to generate esi keys.


Your ESI keys will be generated and displayed.

Please submit your updated Macquarie ESI keys via the following secure web form: https://www.superfundwholesale.com.au/update-macquarie-esi-details/


Important Note: 

As part of Macquarie's security policy, ESI keys only last for 12 months; therefore you will need to regenerate these keys each year.  This process is completed in the same way as submitting the ESI keys for the first time. The Feeds Administrator will be notified by email when they are due to expire.

New clients added to the adviser's your.clients access will automatically be added to the data feed.


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