Adding your company logo to FundWeb and Reports

Superfund Wholesale is now Intello.

Please find the updated version of this article in the new Intello Help Centre here:




It's possible to create a branded online presence for your clients to see.

The logo file needs to have the following size / features:

  • JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Your logo should be rectangular in shape and in the dimensions of 220 pixels wide by 67 pixels high. Outside of these dimensions, and your logo may be stretched or compressed to fit the required size.
  • We also recommend a minimum resolution of 96dpi.
  • The file should not be larger than 100KB.

To have your logo added to FundWeb and the PDF reports that can be generated via FundWeb, please email 

When uploaded FundWeb will look similar to this:


It is also possible to have the colour scheme of FundWeb modified to suit the look ad colours of your website. This is achieved by having your web designer provide a .css style file.  A sample that can be modified is available for download below.


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