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We are currently rolling out electronic signatures using DocuSign for a select number of advisers we work with.

Below are some screenshots of the adviser experience, as well as what your clients would see.

Adviser Experience:

In this example, we've used our Service Agreement & Direct Debit Authority. Firstly as adviser you would electronically sign the cover letter after receiving the DocuSign email from 

The first time you sign you have the opportunity to select a signature style:

You can also draw your signature with your mouse (not advised!) or stylus if you are using a tablet or touch screen device.

We also provide the opportunity for you to initial beside key client details including the amount we have included on the DDR form to enable you to double-check:

Once you have signed and initialled where required, you click 'Confirm Signing' and your client will then receive an email request to sign their parts of the document.

At any time you can reject / decline to sign the document via the "More" button on the top menu.

Client Experience:

Your clients will receive an email AFTER you have signed the cover letter (and initialled adjacent to client details).  

This means you can separately contact your clients to let them know that an email from will be sent to them and that you've reviewed it and it is OK for them to sign.

The above email will be received by your client AFTER you've signed off on the cover letter for the agreement(s).

The first page your client will see will be the cover letter with your name and signature:

Please note that we can easily customise this cover letter if you would like to have one with your branding / letterhead.


Clients adopt their signature and sign in a similar way as the adviser:


Once both you as the adviser and your client has signed electronically, a copy of the signed docs will be sent to all parties (adviser, client and Superfund Wholesale).


The above process is similar for the signing of other documents including minutes and financial statements.

We are interested in your feedback - any questions or suggestions please let us know.

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