How to transfer an existing SMSF to us

Superfund Wholesale is now Intello.

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Once you have registered your business with Superfund Wholesale you are able to use our online forms via our Adviser Portal* - including one to transfer an existing SMSF:

There is no cost to transfer an existing SMSF across to the Superfund Wholesale administration service.

All transfers must be submitted via our online form as this ensures we can deliver a fast turnaround and meet our service standards.

Generally it will take us up to 10 business day (2 weeks) to fully transfer an existing SMSF across to our system.  Factors that impact how long it takes to transfer an existing SMSF include:

  1. How long it takes the outgoing administration / accountant to respond to our ethical letter and provide any requested information
  2. The accounting system (if any) used by the outgoing accountant (BGL, Class, SuperMate)
  3. The complexity of the investment register of the SMSF - especially the cost base history
  4. The responsiveness of you and your support staff in regards to the provision of any requested reports / information

A client data collection form can be downloaded below.

You can find more articles about how we transfer existing SMSFs onto our service here: Transition of Existing SMSFs

*Please note that of the date of publishing our Adviser Portal is not locked down. Soon after 30 June 2016 we will be rolling out a password protected portal that will contain all relevant online order forms.

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