Client Service Agreements (Engagements)

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With Superfund Wholesale you remain the primary contact when it comes to your clients SMSFs.

As a wholesale provider we require you to act as the retail intermediary for your clients - however this doesn't mean you are the accountant / administrator / tax agent - that responsibility remains with us.

To ensure clear separation between the services we provide as administrators and the services you provide as an adviser, we strongly recommend each SMSF client sign a Service Agreement.

When you establish a new SMSF or transfer an existing SMSF to us, we will generate a number of documents - including a Service Agreement and also a Direct Debit Authority (where we collect fees directly from your SMSF clients).

A sample of this agreement can be downloaded below.

You also have the option of modifying the agreement to match your branding, although we ask that you do not modifying any of the wording without consulting with us.  If you would like to re-brand our Service Agreement, please let us know.

The agreements can be signed traditionally (useful when a new SMSF is established and your clients are signing trust deeds etc.) or using electronic signatures - see below for a demonstration of how this works*:


*Please note that as at the date of publishing we are testing a DocuSign option that will enable you to leverage our 'enterprise' level account to send documents to your clients with your branding - i.e. the above demo may change soon.

Another useful resource is some sample SoA wording you can utilise when recommending our SMSF admin services to your clients: (word doc)

If you have any questions around Service Agreements, electronic signatures or SoA wording please contact us.



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