What is the ATO Supervisory Levy?

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Each SMSF needs to pay an annual supervisory levy to the ATO.

This levy is paid when the SMSF pays it's annual income tax bill.  This means it either will increase the amount payable or decrease the refund expected when the SMSF tax return is lodged.

The amount of the levy is currently $259 per year.


However - the ATO is currently changing it from being paid in arrears to being paid in advance.  This means that NEW SMSFs which are set up in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 financial years have to pay two years of SMSF levy at once! That's $259 x 2 = $518

Please refer to the following table from the ATO:

There are also different amounts when an SMSF is being closed down and is lodging its final tax return.

Refer to this page on the ATO website for more information: 


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