What data feeds do you get?

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Seriously - in 99% of cases, if you utilise a specific account for your clients, we will get a data feed.

You can download a PDF of our available feeds here: Class Super Automated Data Feeds

The above PDF will be up to date to the date of this article (shown above). If you want an up to date list please contact us.

Because Superfund Wholesale ONLY works with advisers, and advisers use a limited number of bank accounts, direct equity brokers and platforms, we are totally agnostic when it comes to the type of accounts you decide to use with your SMSF clients.

There are also a large number of accounts where you as the adviser can provide an authority for Superfund Wholesale to access your clients transactional and investment holding data.  Please see this Help Centre article: Adviser Level Class Super Data Feed Authorities

What if the product / account I use is NOT on the list?


We can get it added. Because we are preferred SMSF administration partners of Class Super, we can liaise with then on getting your provider added.

In this situation it comes down to demand and the motivation of product provider.

Superfund Wholesale has been instrumental in getting a number of new data feeds up and running with Class and we regularly test new data feeds where we can.

Whether a particular data feed is available or not will not impact your fees.  There is always a work-around for us to get the data / reports we need to prepare your SMSF clients accounts.

In addition, we can utilise 3rd parties to receive data for the more obscure accounts (such as credit unions, building societies and smaller banks).


What if we don't use a platform / wrap?


A number of the advisers we work with utilise investments such as wholesale managed funds that are not held under a wrap / custodian platform. We can definitely handle this - once again its just a matter of determining the most efficient way for us to receive the statements we need to ensure your clients accounts are kept reconciled and accurate.

Likewise with property - you generally don't get a data feed per se, however all income and expenses will typically go via the bank account of the fund.  With SMSFs with property investments we generally recommend that a duplicate of the management statements be emailed directly to us, which will save everyone time!

Do you have a data feed to/from Xplan?

Great question.

An integration / data feed scenario is currently being investigated with iress. 

We've put together some details around a potential integration here: Class Super to Xplan Data Feed

A consolidated 'platform style' feed from Superfund Wholesale / Class is likely not going to provide advisers with the best outcome - however a more flexible integration might.

There is also nothing preventing a data feed simultaneously being sent to BOTH Class and Xplan (some limited exceptions) - so the same data can be accessed. 

If you have any further questions regarding Class & Xplan, you can speak to Kris Kitto (email kris.kitto@superfundwholesale.com.au) or speak to your iress account manager.

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    Lloyd Harris

    Hi, the link to current data feed providers PDF no longer works. Can you please confirm which stockbroking platforms class super can receive a data feed from?

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    Intello Admin

    Updated list can be downloaded here: Class Automated Data Feeds v1.4

    This list is updated regularly by Class.  Please email support@intello.com.au for the latest copy.

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