How do I sign up to Superfund Wholesale?

Superfund Wholesale is now Intello.

Please find the updated version of this article in the new Intello Help Centre here:






Simply complete the New Adviser Registration online form here.

The form will collect your details.  You will receive a copy of the executed agreement (PDF) for your records after submission.

If you would like to review a copy of our Service Agreement prior to completing your registration, please contact us or view a copy here.

Completing the registration form does not obligate you to use any of our services, however you need to complete the registration before using our services such as transferring an SMSF or setting up a new SMSF.


A question we often get asked is:

If I've selected for you to direct debit my clients directly, why do we need to provide direct debit / credit card details?

The reason we need these details on file is to cover the cost of NEW SMSFs being established. We offer 14 day payment terms for new SMSFs (also bare trusts + deed upgrades etc.) - but these terms can only apply when we have payment details on file.

Having your payment details on file acts as a backup payment method - you can still nominate your clients payment details when ordering a new SMSF for example.

When it comes to establishing new SMSFs for your clients, we recommend you get paid upfront wherever possible to ensure that you are not out of pocket if there is a delay in the new SMSF receiving rollover monies.

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