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Superfund Wholesale supports the use of DocuSign electronic signing for almost all SMSF related documents that need your clients signature.

Before utilising DocuSign for your SMSF clients, you need to determine whether you would like to use the solution across your business - or only with the SMSF clients looked after by Superfund Wholesale.

If you would like to use DocuSign for more than just your SMSF clients, we recommend visiting the DocuSign Australia Website and commencing a free trial.

If you would prefer to commence using DocuSign for just your SMSF clients, then following the instructions below.


To enable Superfund Wholesale to send your clients documents for signing via DocuSign, you need to complete an enrolment form.

You can access the DocuSign Enrolment form on our website here:

By enrolling your business as a Superfund Wholesale DocuSign user, you can get rid of virtually all paper documents including the need to email / print / sign / scan / upload every time we need a signature!
DocuSign is suitable for the following documents:
1. Service Agreements
2. Annual SMSF accounts and tax returns
3. Trustee minutes and resolutions
4. Some data feed authority forms
5. Most ATO forms
6. ASIC documentatio and forms
DocuSign is currently NOT suitable for the following documents:
1. SMSF trust deeds
2. Some data feed authority forms
3. Documents that require a witness (depending on State)
By completing this online enrolment, you agree that Superfund Wholesale can utilise DocuSign for all applicable documents that require your SMSF clients signatures.
DocuSign functionality is provided to advisers using Superfund Wholesales services at no additional cost - however use is limited to documents where we require signatures.  
You have to make 2 key decisions with DocuSign via Superfund Wholesale:
  1. Branding
  2. Approval Process 
1. DocuSign Branding:
Our preferred option is for your clients to see your branding NOT Superfund Wholesale.
For us to customise your DocuSign branding a specific (generic email address) from your business needs to be authorised as a 'DocuSign Sender'.  All SMSF related documents that we require your clients to sign will be sent by us from this address.
An example of what your clients will see is below:
As per the above labels 1-4 the following details can be customised:
1. Sender Business Name
2. Sender Email Address
3. Sender Business Logo
4. Sender Business Icon (optional)
In addition you can also send your clients to a specific page on your website after they have DocuSigned their SMSF documents.
An example re-direct page can be found here: Example DocuSign Thank You Page
2. Approval Process:
When we send your clients documents for them to sign via DocuSign, you have the option of receiving a copy of the documents for review before they are on-sent to your clients.

The other (preferred) option is to have us send the documents directly to your clients. This is "Option 2" below:
Regardless of what option is chosen, when a document has been signed by your client(s), all people involved - you, your client and Superfund Wholesale will receive a signed copy of the documents (PDF).
What does it look like?
The following help centre article includes a video demonstration of what you and your clients experience when receiving documents via DocuSign:
DocuSign - Client Experience Demonstration (including video)
What next?
To commence using DocuSign for your SMSF clients, you need to enrol using the following form:
If you have any questions please contact Superfund Wholesale director Kris Kitto on 1300 362 943 or email
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