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Superfund Wholesale can provide an ASIC Registered Agent service for all SMSF trustee companies as well as the trustee companies for Bare Trusts.

What is an ASIC Registered Agent?

ASIC Registered Agents act as intermediaries between officeholders of Australian companies and ASIC to help companies meet their lodgement obligations more efficiently. As the officeholders of an Australian company are ultimately responsible for the companies compliance, the benefit of using a Registered Agent is that as they handle a large volume of companies regularly and therefore are familiar with the requirements companies need to meet under the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act).

About the Superfund Wholesale Registered Agent Service 

Superfund Wholesale will receive electronically all correspondence from ASIC and we will forward any documentation, including the very important ASIC Annual Company Statements to you for your clients to review and pay the annual company registration fee.

Specifically, Superfund Wholesale will take care of the following:

  • Any changes to company director details - such as changes of address
  • Adding or removing company officeholders - for example when the membership of an SMSF changes
  • Lodgement of other ASIC forms within the strict reporting time frames

The Superfund Wholesale ASIC Registered Agent Service is provided at no additional cost.

Annual Company Statements:

Superfund Wholesale will receive electronically your clients Annual Company Statements which includes an invoice from ASIC for the annual company registration fees required to be paid.  We receive these Statements two months before payment is due.

We will send (via email) the Annual Company Statements, ASIC Invoice and Solvency Resolution.  The invoice from ASIC should be paid immediately to avoid late fees. 

  • The Solvency Resolution should be signed by the company directors however it is not mandatory to return the signed copy to Superfund Wholesale. 
  • If there are any changes required to the company details (for example addresses), the changes should be sent to us immediately to be updated.

If the ASIC invoice remains unpaid a reminder email is sent out on 28, 46, 54 & 59 days after our original notification email. This is to avoid ASIC late penalty fees.

ASIC will only contact or send correspondence to your clients directly if the ASIC fees have not been paid.


What about the physical company registers?

Superfund Wholesale will not retain the physical company registers at our premises.  This means the company registers will remain at either your office or your clients home address (recommended).
FAQs about these services:
  • Why will we receive the ASIC Statements via email rather than DocuSign or via the Adviser Portal?
    • The system which sends the ASIC Statements and (importantly) the reminder emails is semi-automated.  For Superfund Wholesale to provide this service at scale, we need to use technology to automate the majority of the process.
    • We are unable to send ASIC Statements directly to your clients with your branding / logos at this time.
  • When does the Solvency Resolution need to be signed by the client(s)?
    • These should be signed by the company directors within a reasonable amount of time after the annual review date of the company.
    • The Solvency Resolution does not need to be returned to Superfund Wholesale.
  • If my client has pre-paid their ASIC fees for 10 years, what do they need to do?
    • Provided their details are up to date on the Annual Company Statement, there is no action required.
  • How can we advise of a change of details - for example a change of address?
    • There is a 'Change of SMSF Details" form on our Adviser Portal under Online Forms.
  • Why can't Superfund Wholesale not physically hold the company registers?
    • The additional overheads associated with the storage space required to accommodate thousands of company registers would have to be passed on to clients (or you as their adviser) - whereas our 'Virtual' service is provided at no additional cost.
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