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For each SMSF you would like us to administer – whether it be a new SMSF we establish or an existing SMSF being transferred – there are some key documents you need to provide your clients.

It is recommended that you download copies of the documents below and put together your own ‘SMSF client on-boarding pack’ your clients can sign when they accept your recommendation to use Superfund Wholesale for their SMSF.  Most of these documents can be easily customised and branded to match your business.

These documents can (and should) be completed and signed by your clients prior to submitting a SMSF Transfer form or at the same time as they sign their SMSF establishment documents.



SMSFs with Property Guide (including LRBAs)

SMSFs that hold direct property investments - especially those utilising Limited Recourse Borrowings - have significantly different (and increased) establishment and ongoing administration requirements.

This Guide contains links to a number of important forms, documents and checklists you can use to make the initial and ongoing administration of your SMSF property clients significantly easier. 


Advising Your Clients

We’ve put together some standard wording you can use to make recommending our services easy.

Our example wording can be downloaded here: (Word)

This document / wording can be modified to suit your needs without our approval.

Service Agreements

Where Superfund Wholesale performs the administration of an SMSF, the trustees need to sign a Service Agreement confirming our appointment.  This needs to happen regardless of whether your clients are paying us directly, or whether we are invoicing your business in bulk and you are on-charging to your clients.

Our SMSF Service Agreement template can be downloaded here: (Word)

You can also use our online Service Agreement Generator here:

Our Service Agreement template for non-SMSF entities (individuals, joint, trust and company portfolios) can be downloaded here: (Word)

Please contact us if you need to modify the wording of the above documents.


Direct Debit Authority

Where you’ve elected for Superfund Wholesale to debit your clients SMSF bank account for the ongoing SMSF administration fees a Direct Debit authority form needs to be completed.

Please note that your clients do not need to sign this form where Superfund Wholesale is invoicing you in bulk for your clients SMSF administration fees.

Our Direct Debit Authority Form can be downloaded here: (PDF)

This PDF has built-in form fields that can be typed into. We only require the name of the SMSF and the nominated account details – all other fields are optional. Please contact us if you need to modify the wording of this document.

There is also an online Service Agreement Generator here: Please note that the documents generated via this online form cannot be white-labelled for your business.


ASIC Agent Appointment

Where you’ve elected for Superfund Wholesale to act as the ASIC Registered Agent for your clients SMSF trustee companies, they need to sign an authority form to appoint us in this capacity.

Our ASIC Registered Agent Appointment form can be downloaded here:

This PDF has built-in form fields that can be typed into. This is an optional service Superfund Wholesale provides free of charge.  This form is a standard ASIC form and cannot be modified.

More information available about this service here: Help Centre – ASIC Registered Agent Services.


Superstream Notifications

Where your clients are going to receive employer contributions into their SMSF, they need to notify their employer or payroll office of their Electronic Service Address (ESA) for Superstream purposes.

The ESA for all Superfund Wholesale clients is ‘smsfdataflow’.

Our Superstream ESA Notification template letter can be downloaded here: (Word) (PDF)

This PDF has built-in form fields that can be typed into. You are free to modify for change this document provided you retain the key information regarding the ESA.


Data Feed Authorities

Depending on the type of accounts and providers you use for your SMSF clients, you may need to organise for them to sign a data feed authority form. 

Please contact us to determine which accounts you utilise had a client level authority (i.e. each client has to sign a form) compared to an adviser level authority process.  The following Help Centre article will assist: Adviser Level Class Super Data Feed Authorities


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