Are discounts available for advisers and their employees?

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We often get asked whether we provide discounts to our fees as a way of saying thank you for the advisers (and their employees) who choose to utilise Superfund Wholesale for their SMSF clients.

Our ability to offer discounts to advisers (and their team members) is limited as we are a wholesale provider of SMSF services and our fees also incorporate independent audit fees, software fees and other overheads.

We can offer a small discount - however there are some parameters:

  1. Superfund Wholesale looks after a minimum of 10 SMSFs* for your advice business
  2. You've provided Superfund Wholesale with a Direct Debit Authority for fees (establishments or ongoing SMSF admin fees for your clients)
  3. Your account with Superfund Wholesale is in good standing with no overdue payments

*10 SMSFs paying full fees per SMSF paying a discounted ongoing admin fee.

If all of the above criteria are complied with, a 20% discount to our wholesale fees will be applied to our annual compliance fees as well as the establishment costs for a new SMSF.

The following table provides an example of these discounts:

Service Original Fee Discounted Fee
SMSF Admin - 'Adviser Friendly'


$1440 p.a.


$1152 p.a.

SMSF Admin - Property Fund


$1800 p.a.


$1440 p.a.

SMSF Establishment - Soft Copy PDFs

(with company trustee)

$990 $792

Please note that for every adviser / staff discounted SMSF your business needs to utilise Superfund Wholesale for 10 non-discounted SMSFs - so if you have 3 adviser / staff members wanting a discounted fee, you would need 30 full-fee paying SMSFs.

Any discounts in addition to the above are at the discretion of Superfund Wholesale.

Accessing Discounted Fees:

To determine whether you or your team member is eligible for for the above discounted fees, please email prior to submitting an order for a SMSF Establishment or SMSF Transfer form.

We will assess the eligibility for a discount and provide instruction on what you need to do to access any applicable discounts.

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